Send a smile to your customers through the post

We design & deliver gifts, unique to your brand, to engage your customers in a thoughtful, personalised way so they want to stay customers (and maybe even tell their friends)

Say Thank you

Nothing says “thank you for referring us to a friend” like a thoughtful branded gift with a personalised note


Capture a customer’s attention by being the sort of caring brand that sends a Happy Birthday gift box

Say Sorry

Even with the best intention things can occasionally go wrong – so say “sorry” in an unforgettable way with a thoughtful gift box

Just because

Customer having a bad day? (or a good day?) Surprise & delight them with a random act of kindness gift box

Engage, Retain & Refer

It costs 5 times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one.
In this increasingly competitive environment showing you care pays off.


of customers say that liking a brand builds their loyalty to that brand


of customers will recommend a brand where they have a good experience


increase in profits reported by brands that improve customer retention by just 5%

We design

We’ll get to know your brand and curate gift boxes to reflect your values, curating a unique collection of products from our collection of independent makers and designers

You order

Use our platform to add your customer details and select the unique gift box they need to get, or integrate our API and order via your own CRM system

We deliver

Our passionate team will build your boxes by hand each week, adding your branding and a personalised message and have them posted first-class

How it works

We take the hassle out of delivering the human touch

You wont find any corporate branded mugs or pens here, that would never have the impact we specialise in.


Sending a gift that raises a smile and makes a positive impression means being thoughtful and personalised.


Our team enables you to do that at scale.

Our gift boxes are curated to celebrate talented UK brands, designers & makers

Thoughtful gifts that to put a smile on your customers face. What’s not to love

Hear what other brands have to say

'I'm so excited to send these to our customers - you've really brought the brand to life in a little box'

Andrew Founder & MD

'Our customers have actually emailed and called to say thank you for the gift they like it so much‘

Phil Managing Partner

'The products we're so thoughtful - it really was a delight to get through the letterbox‘

Customer feedback received for a gift sent from a renowned health & wellness brand